To do this blog justice, I feel like I should start at the beginning. What beginning? Mine? His? Ours? I’m not sure….and, because I don’t know, I stare at the page. I wonder which direction to go.


The beginning was so long ago, and it seems like so much is better left unsaid. But, somehow I need to say it. I need to scream it. I can’t. Who would I scream to? Who would listen? I’m not sure anyone would care. After all, it was long ago. Time has moved everyone on, propelled them forward, into their lives. But, for me, I am still there– a cold day, a broken heart, a time I remember and would love to retrace with my eyes closed….I want to feel them, touch them, tell them, “It’s ok. I’m ok. You are ok.” But the truth…..what is the truth? We survived, and we’re here.


It takes something deep inside the spirit to rise above. It takes a lot of love– love for yourself, love for others.


I will die believing all we needed was more understanding of the human condition– that we could have been everything we wanted to be had we of understood the true nature of humanity….


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