The Vaccine Conversation

The vaccine conversation has been a hot topic  for years. There are a lot of reasons people either support or don’t support vaccinating their kiddos. As a new mom, I did a lot of research. Ultimately, I decided to vaccinate Liam using a vaccination schedule I was comfortable with– not the standard pediatrician schedule. We started vaccinating…

At 4 months, Liam experienced his first “regression”– hyposensitivity brought on by his 2 month vaccinations. I realized this while he was receiving his 4 month shots. He had screamed uncontrollably when he was given the two month vaccines, ran a fever for about 11 days. I was so bothered by it, at his four month shots, I made his dad come with me. I prepared him, “OK, he’s going to scream his little head off. It breaks my heart. You handle it.” The nurse gave him the shots, and he never flinched, moved a muscle, made a sound. It was like someone sucked the air out of the room. I knew we were on the wrong path. I continued with vaccinations. The next round was the DTAP, and this was the last immunization Liam received. He ran another high fever for days, lost all eye contact, screamed most of the time, and there was no more “happy baby.” He lost the first words he had developed, and lost all interest in interactive toys.

Do I think Liam had a predispostion for autism? Yes. Do I think he would have probably been on the spectrum had I of never vaccinated? Maybe.  Do I think vaccines injured my son? Yes. Do I think vaccines are the cause of autism? No. I don’t place blame for my son’s autism. I don’t have to look far to see where he might have inherited some of his ausomeness. For us, it was the combination of genetics, environment, and toxins. How do I know all this? I’m not a doctor. I’m not a scientists, a geneticists, or Einstien. I’m a mom who watched her child regress after each injection. I’m a mom who removed and limited toxins, and watched him progress. I’m a note taker, observer, researcher, and I know what happened in my own home. I don’t think vaccines are evil, or a root cause for autism. In fact, I support vaccines. I also support an intelligent vaccination schedule, single dose vaccines, and genetic testing or a preliminary system that would identify children who may be at risk for vaccination injuries.

One of the wonderful things about being apart of the autism community is sharing information, stories, experiences, successes. Like any community, there are “hot topics,” issues, and “no-no” words. I’ve seen a lot of heated conversations about vaccines among other issues. I look at debates from a completely different standpoint. Your choices are your choices, and mine are mine. There is nothing to debate. At the end of the day, part of my responsibility as a parent, is to make the best decision for my child with the information I have and my experiences. I don’t need a group of people to agree or validate the choices I make for him. I am my son’s mother, and I make decisions based on our journey.



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