Eight Year Old Me

What would I say to eight year old me?

Maybe I would say you’re not different, you’re free.

I’d tell her to smile and not frown,

The sinking feeling is part of you, but you won’t drown.

You’re going to be fine, becoming in this madness takes time….


You don’t have to be like the rest,

Simply, do your best.

You have a gift, and you will use it well.

Don’t spend your time worrying—don’t dwell.

Your strengths are enough,

They’ll carry you when life’s rough.

Be kind to yourself, eight year old me.

You’re eight!

Be carefree.

Don’t spend all your time lost in your mind,

There’s a world out there, go see what you can find.

Step out of your box, and try something new.

You spend too much time feeling lonesome and blue.


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