A Big Thank You to You– Yes, You.

It’s that time of year– a time of reflection, remembrance, sentimental moments, and hopefully family and friends. It’s a busy time of year, and so much can be lost in the hustle and bustle. Hopefully, we find moments to steal away, to capture in our heart, and lock in our memory. As I’m contemplating the season of thanks and giving, I feel compelled to send a letter of thanks to you—to all of you.

Thank you for following along our journey, for your words of encouragement, your questions, answers, laughs, and your continual support. Each of one you have given me community, a place to share, a sounding board, have shown so much love for my son, and to me.

I hope along the way, we have offered some of the same to you. Thank you for being here, for ‘getting’ us, and sharing your experiences here. It’s been an amazing gift.

I hope you find time this season to slow down, capture the sweet moments, make some lovely memories, and to be with the people you love.






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